Dave Bloustien Screenwriter | Lapsed Comedian | Horrorist


A green room in a comedy room above a book shop, plastered with old comedy posters. Dave is here, reflecting on past glories, missed opportunities and leaner times.



I'm currently on hiatus from comedy and improv. I've got a few reasons for doing this - some personal, some financial - all of them good.


I still love performing, and I'm always up for corporate work, but I'm currently focussing on writing, teaching and being a parent / partner who isn't on tour for months at a time.


Previously, I ran an extremely successful comedy room for social justice warriors (Wit Large), toured all over the world, wrote and performed 6 solo hours of stand-up comedy and worked on a bunch of group projects.


I was also lucky enough to be granted an MICF Moosehead Award, be nominated for the WA Arts Editor Prize at Perth's Fringe World and to fill in for Paul Provenza as host of Set List.


I'll come back when I have more to complain about.