Dave Bloustien Screenwriter | Lapsed Comedian | Horrorist


A hurredly photoshopped image of Dave as a typewriter is sellotaped to a wall, a horrid amalgam of Kafka and Dada-influenced hipsterism, which belies the fact that Dave has always used a word processor.



After decade(s) of working in 'light entertainment' - a polite way of saying 'TV comedy for people with no attention spans' - and winning a bunch of AWGIE awards as part of the team on The Glass House and Good News Week, I'm moving into a different sort of screen writing.

I've recently complete my studies at AFTRS in Sydney and am working on a couple of feature scripts, so if you're looking for a project to develop and have a few moments, I'd love to chat. I've also written an 11 minute pilot for Anima Istanbul, a Turkish production company, but can't reveal any details beyond the title as I've been sworn to secrecy.

Below are a list of scripts I have as writing samples or projects in script development. A longer CV of produced work is available on my IMDB page.

Animalwood: (animated TV pilot) 11 minute pilot for an children's animated series from Anima Istanbul.

Avance Austraya: (black comedy feature) a white nationalist 'sandwich artist' and his two friends travel to Syria to fight Islamic State, find themselves hopelessly out of their depth, and will do anything they can to get back home.

HÅKT: (horror comedy feature) while assembling display furniture during the overnight shift, a stoner and her three colleagues find their workplace transformed into a literal labyrinth, and must defeat a transdimensional minotaur to escape alive.

The House of Your Dreems: (sci-fi thriller feature) on the run from a court summons, a young, materialistic stockbroker hides in a futuristic smart-home that wants to kill him with kindness.